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Traditional or Contemporary?

Funerals used to be dour and sullen affairs, with black crepe and mourning suits. Nowadays, funerals are seen as a celebration of the life now ended, and as a result more families are choosing to play music or wear clothing which would have been frowned on in Victorian times. 

Whether you are planning a traditional ceremony, wish to include some religious content or want to have a party in your loved one's honour, we will help you craft the perfect ceremony to reflect their life, their loves and their personality.


Funeral Service Coordination

Bespoke and Respectful

My role is to visit you in your home (or on Zoom if you prefer) to talk about your loved one; gather your memories and anecdotes and help you to design and perfect the funeral ceremony you choose.

It is not my job to tell you what to say, feel or think. I will listen to you and suggest ways to make the service as inclusive and memorable as you would wish.

I will prepare the funeral script for your approval or additions and only when you are happy with the finished eulogy will I deliver the funeral ceremony.

After the service, a copy of the script will be presented to you as a keepsake.


Funeral Music Selection

Memories are made of this

Whether it's Elgar or Elvis, I will liaise with the Funeral Director to help you bring the ceremony to life with music especially chosen by you. 

Music helps us to remember happier times and it is hard not to recall fond memories when a favourite song or hymn is played and if a family member wants to play live, why not? 


Funerals with a difference

More and more people are opting for Green Burial Sites, with their loved ones buried in a wicker casket in a peaceful forest glade. Green funerals are a wonderful way to return the body to nature and the lovely outdoors site can bring calm and joy to everyone in attendance. 

A list of Green Burial Sites can be found here:

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