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MCU at the altar!

Not all weddings have white dresses and morning suits, with flower girls and page boys. Although traditional weddings are still the 'norm', couples of all ages and orientations are realising that all bets are off when it comes to their perfect day.

Here is the ring-giving ceremony I wrote for a Marvel-themed wedding ceremony, which just goes to show a little imagination is all that is needed to make your wedding, not only memorable, but relevant to your personalities:

"Like the 7 Infinity Stones, I give you this ring as a sign that separately we are powerful, but together we are inevitable.

Like the Space Stone, no matter where you are this ring will always remind you that we belong together.

Like the Mind Stone, whenever you look at this ring it will remind you of me.

Like the Reality Stone, this ring will act to bind us together through good and bad times.

Like the Power Stone, this ring will show the world that we are unstoppable together.

Like the Time Stone, this ring will represent our timeless love for each other.

And, like the Soul Stone, this ring reminds us both that our souls are joined together, forever."

Whether you want a Dracula-themed wedding or your heart's desire is to be barefoot under an old oak tree; the only limit to your dream day is your imagination.

Just don't ask me to go scuba diving to deliver the service!

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